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RSMj 2020 4th Annual Scientific Meeting (Virtual)

Although our 4th annual scientific meeting of RSMj could not be conducted in-person, our virtual meeting was a great success! At no cost to attendees, we hosted a virtual meeting from 2:00pm - 5:00pm EST on Friday, July 24, 2020.

Godfrey Pearlson, MA, MBBS

Godfrey Pearlson delivered a keynote address entitled, "Stoned Driving: What We Know and What We Don't Know." Dr. Pearlson is a Professor at Yale University School of Medicine and Founding Director of the Olin Neuropsychiatry Research Center at the Institute of Living. In his address, Dr. Pearlson highlighted some of the barriers to measuring, detecting, and curbing driving under the influence of cannabis, as well as the limitations of current laws regarding this behavior. 

Following the keynote address, we hosted a virtual poster session. We have included these posters below. Please feel free to reach out to the poster authors for any comments or questions. Lastly, we held a brief town hall meeting and took suggestions from attendees for how we can improve as an organization.

RSMj 2020 Virtual Poster Session Presentations

  1. Marijuana Use Among Young Adults: Findings from the 2015-2018 National Survey on Drug Use and Health – Andrew Yockey, Shanna Stryker

  2. Risk and Protective Factors Associated with Cannabis Use in Massachusetts Youth – Julie K. Johnson, Samantha M. Doonan

  3. Participation in the Massachusetts Adult-Use Cannabis Industry by Race/Ethnicity and Gender Across Job Titles – Samantha M. Doonan, Julie K. Johnson

  4. Average Intoxication as a Proxy for Cannabis Use – Brianna R. Altman, Maha N. Mian, Luna F. Ueno, Mitch Earleywine

  5. Cannabis’s Link to Schizotypy: Phenomenon, Measurement Bias, or Delusion? – Brianna R. Altman, Maha N. Mian, Luna F. Ueno, Mitch Earleywine

  6. Effects of Age and Sex on Primary Method and Form of Cannabis Use – Marika Huffer, Anita Cservenka

  7. The Cannabis Retail Environment for Young Adults in Los Angeles: Which Metrics Matter? – Caislin Firth, Rachana Seelam, Anthony Rodriguez, Regina Shih, Joan Tucker, Elizabeth D’Amico, Eric Pedersen

  8. Emotion Dysregulation Moderates the Association Between Stress and Problematic Marijuana – Jessica M. Cavalli, Anita Cservenka

  9. What’s Pain Got to Do With It? Young Adults With and Without Chronic Pain Perceive Minimal Risks and Moderate Benefits from Cannabis Use – Bethany Shorey-Fennell, Renee E. Magnan, Benjamin O. Ladd, Jessica L. Fales

  10. Co-use of Tobacco/Nicotine and Cannabis Among Veterans: A Preliminary Investigation of Prevalence and Associations with Mental Health Outcomes – Reagan E. Fitzke, Jordan P. Davis, Eric R. Pedersen

  11. Impulsivity and Childhood Physical Abuse Predict Past 30-Day Cannabis Use Among Bisexual Women –Megan M. Drohan, Christina T. Schulz, Emily M. Glatt, Amy L. Stamates, Michelle L. Kelley

  12. Cannabis Use and Sleep: A look at the Expectations, Outcomes, and the Role of Age – Evan A. Winiger, Leah N. Hitchcock, Angela D. Bryan, L. Cinnamon Bidwell

  13. The Impact of Depressed Mood and Coping Motives in those with Pre-Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder on Cannabis Use Quantity across the Menstrual Cycle – Kayla M. Joyce, Kara Thompson, Phillip G. Tibbo, Kimberley P. Good, M. Elizabeth O'Leary, Tara S. Perrot, Amanda Hudson, Sherry H. Stewart

  14. An Examination of Relationships Between Mental Health Symptoms, Marijuana Use Motives, and Marijuana Use Outcomes Among Late Adolescents in Washington State – Elliot Wallace, Li-Hui Chu, Jason J. Ramirez

  15. Marijuana Use Grid: A Brief, Comprehensive Measure of Marijuana Use – Jude G. Chavez, Matthew R. Pearson, Marijuana Outcomes Study Team, Protective Strategies Study Team

  16. Cannabis Protective Behavioral Strategies: Moderating the Effects of Antecedents on Consequences? – Alexander J. Win, Dylan K. Richards, Matthew R. Pearson, Protective Strategies Study Team

  17. Self-Reported Symptoms of Cannabis Use Disorder (SRSCUD): Psychometric Testing and Validation – Melissa Sotelo, Dylan K. Richards, Frank J. Schwebel, Matthew R. Pearson, Protective Strategies Study Team

  18. Changes in Late Adolescent Marijuana Use During the COVID-19 Outbreak Vary as a Function of Typical Use – Li-Hui Chu, Elliot C. Wallace, Jason J. Ramirez

  19. COVID-19’s Impact on Cannabis Use: Can We Trust Retrospective Cross-Sectional Data? – Sara J. Bartel, Simon B. Sherry, Sherry H. Stewart

  20. The Role of Motives in Understanding the Link between Personality and Cannabis Misuse – Karen T. Y. Tang, Elijah Otis, Alexandra Loverock, T. Cameron Wild, Igor Yakovenko

  21. Poison Center Reports of Cannabis Exposures Among Children in Washington State, 2016 – Natasha Close, Julia Dilley, Janet Baseman

  22. Longitudinal Effects of Acute Cannabis Exposure on Automobile Driving Behavior in a Naturalistic Simulated Environment – Shashwath A Meda, Erwin Boer, Nicolas Ward, Gregory A Book, Michael C Stevens, Catherine Boyle, Muhammad Mubeen, Godfrey D Pearlson

  23. Information Sources and Training Needs on Medical Marijuana- Preliminary Results from a State-Wide Provider Survey – Ruba Sajdeya, Jennifer Jean-Jacques, Anna Shavers, Yan Wang, R. Nathan Pipitone, Martha Rosenthal, Almut G. Winterstein, Robert L. Cook

  24. Contexts of Marijuana Use: A Latent Class Analysis among Argentinean College Students – Angelina Pilatti, Adrian J. Bravo, Yanina Michelini, Gabriela Rivarola Montejano, Ricardo M Pautassi

  25. Validation of the Spanish Version of the Marijuana Consequences Questionnaire (S-MACQ) – Angelina Pilatti, Adrian J. Bravo, Yanina Michelini, Gabriela Rivarola Montejano, Ricardo M Pautassi

  26. A Mapping Literature Review of Medical Cannabis Clinical Outcomes and Quality of Evidence in Approved Conditions in the United States, from 2016 to 2019 – Sebastian Jugl, Aimalohi Okpeku, Brianna Costales, Earl J. Morris, Golnoosh Alipour-Harris, Juan M. Hincapie-Castillo, Nichole E. Stetten, Ruba Sajdeya, Shailina Keshwani, Verlin Joseph, Yahan Zhang, Yun Shen, Lauren Adkins, Amie Goodin

  27. A Comparison of Engagement in Cannabis-Related Protective Behavioral Strategies Across Sex and Cultures – Dylan K. Richards, Frank J. Schwebel, Adrian J. Bravo, Matthew R. Pearson, Cross-Cultural Addictions Study Team

  28. Do Cannabis Use Motives Mediate the Relationship between PTSD Symptoms and Cannabis Craving to Trauma Cues? – Kyra N. Farrelly, Pablo Romero-Sanchiz, Ioan T. Mahu, Sean Barrett, Pam Collins, Daniel Rasic, Sherry H. Stewart

  29. Gender and Age Differences in Comorbid Cannabis Use Disorders and Suicidality in a National Sample – Lourah M. Kelly, Nicholas R. Livingston, Tess K. Drazdowski, Kristyn Zajac

  30. Evaluating Expectancies: Do Community-Recruited Adults Believe that Cannabis is an Effective Stress Reliever? – Toni C. Spinella, Sean P. Barrett

  31. Cannabis Use Among Women: Does Daily Assessment Reactivity Affect Usage Patterns? – Jason Y. Isaacs, Sean P. MacKinnon, Kayla M. Joyce, Sherry H. Stewart

  32. Mobile Phone Sensor-Based Detection of Subjective Cannabis “High” in Young Adults: A Feasibility Study in Real-World Settings – Sang Won Bae, Tammy Chung, Brian Suffoletto, Mohammad Islam, Jiameng Du, Serim Jang, Yuuki Nishiyama, Raghu Mulukutla, Anind K Dey

  33. Effort Expenditure and Cannabis Use: Testing the Amotivational Hypothesis – Samuel F. Acuff, Nicholas W. Simon, James G. Murphy

  34. A Perfect Storm: Unintended Effects of Homeschooling on Parents’ Mental Health and Cannabis Use Behaviors During the Pandemic – Mariam Elgendi, Helene Deacon, Lindsey Rodriguez, Fiona E. King, Simon B. Sherry, Allan Abbass, Sandra Meier, Raquel Nogueira-Arjona, Amanda E.F. Hagen, Sherry H. Stewart

  35. PMS Affective Symptoms Indirectly Linked to Cannabis Use Frequency and Problems via Cannabis Coping Motives – Sherry H. Stewart, Kayla M. Joyce, Phillip Tibbo, Nacera Hanzal, Kimberley Good

  36. Why Young Adults Obtain a Medical Marijuana Card: Associations with Health Symptoms, Risk, and Heaviness of Use – Justin F. Hummer, Rachana Seelam, Eric R. Pedersen, Joan S. Tucker, Elizabeth J. D’Amico

  37. Anxiety, Expectancies for Cannabis-Induced Anxiolytic Effects, and Frequency of Cannabis Consumption –Paul L. Guay, Maha N. Mian, Brianna R. Altman, Luna F. Ueno, Mitch Earleywine

  38. Associations between Cannabis Use Characteristics, Impulsivity, and Mindfulness – Sam Feck, Rebecca J. Houston

  39. An Interactive Personalized Feedback and Text-Messaging Intervention is Associated with Reductions in Substance-Impaired Driving – Shelby A. King, Sterling M. Hubbard, Jenni B. Teeters, Matthew J. Woodward

  40. Examining Associations Between Trauma Exposure and Cannabis Use Frequency, Quantity, Duration, and Age of Onset – Kelsey C. Woodward, Annalee S. Ellis, Jenni B. Teeters

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