RSMj 2021 5th Annual Scientific Meeting


Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, RSMj is hosting its 5th annual meeting virtually in accordance with public health guidelines on July 23, 2021. As of now we are accepting poster presentations at a minimum; further details are being developed.

Stay tuned for more information!

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Symposia involve a series of talks on a common theme. Overall abstract should be <250 words, and each paper abstract should be <500 words. 3-5 talks are allowed. A chair is required; a discussant is optional (but encouraged). The chair can also serve as the discussant.    

Panel Discussion

Panel discussions involve the scientific discussion of an important, timely topic. All panel discussions will have a member of the Conference Program committee as a moderator. Overall abstract should be <750 words and should include an explanation of the importance of the topic for discussion and a justification of the unique perspectives offered by the panel participants.     

Poster Presentation (or paper presentation to be considered for a symposium) 

Abstract should be <500 words. Maximum poster size is 4 feet tall X 4 feet wide (3 feet tall X 4 feet tall are the most common). We are agnostic regarding poster style (i.e., "Poster 2.0") and encourage presenters to communicate their science as they desire. Please note that we not anticipate having individual paper presentations that are not part of a larger symposium. However, if you would like your work considered to be integrated into a symposium, please submit it as a poster presentation and indicate your preference during the submission process.   

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