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RSMj 2021 5th Annual Scientific Meeting (Virtual)

The RSMj 2021 virtual meeting was a great success! Thank you to our keynote speaker, Mitch Earleywine, and all presenters who contributed to the conference.

View Dr. Earleywine's keynote: The Unparalleled Evils of Cannabis

Below, view the poster sessions for the meeting that took place on July 23, 2021.


Poster Session

At-A-Glance Gallery

Full Poster List

Session I

Session II

  1. Effort-Based Decision Making and Self-Reported Apathy in Frequent Cannabis Users and Healthy ControlsKimberly C. Vele, Jessica M. Cavalli, and Anita Cservenka

  2. Differential Effects of Urgency and Sensation Seeking on Cannabis Use and Related Problems via Motives – Caitlin A. Falco, Alison Looby, and The Stimulant Norms and Prevalence Study Team

  3. Do Consumers Seek Out Terpenes in their Vaping Products? Findings from a Pilot Study of Concurrent Vapers of Nicotine and Cannabis – Danielle M. Smith, R. Lorraine Collins, Lynn Kozlowski, Richard J. O'Connor, Andrew Hyland, and Maciej Goniewicz

  4. Sex Moderates Associations Between Dimensions of Emotion Dysregulation and Problematic Cannabis Use Jessica M. Cavalli and Anita Cservenka

  5. Product Text Labels Indicate the Presence of Other Pharmacologically Active Ingredients in Many OTC Hemp- and CBD-Containing Preparations –  Jasan Khangura, Melanie Flores, and Jane Ishmael 

  6. Young Adults' Perceptions of Cannabis Risks, Benefits, and Quality of Life by Chronic Pain Status – Bethany Shorey-Fennell, Renee E. Magnan, Benjamin O. Ladd, and Jessica L. Fales

  7. Unwitting Adult Marijuana Poisoning: A Case Series – Andy T. Hsueh, Kelly K. Fong, Kayla Kendric, Nadia Siddiqi, Tammy Phan, Ellen Reibling, and Brian Wolk 

  8. Differences in Marijuana Motivations, Use, and Consequences among 2- and 4-year College Students – Jennifer C. Duckworth, Abigail C. Stites, and Christine M. Lee

  9. Patterns of Expectancies Held Among Simultaneous Alcohol and Marijuana (SAM) UsersKatherine A. Berry, Caitlin A. Falco, Stimulant Norms and Prevalence (SNAP) Study Team, and Alison Looby

  10. Weeding out the Stigma: Experiences Shared by Older VeteransKelly Lynn Clary, Hyojung Kang, Laura Quintero Silva, and Julie Bobitt 

  11. Preliminary Effects of a Facebook Intervention on Polysubstance Use and Transdiagnostic Psychological Symptoms Among Adults With Cannabis Use Disorder and Major DepressionKiefer Cowie, Helene Chokron Garneau, Anne Bellows Lee, Melissa Garcia, Frances Kay-Lambkin, Alan Budney, Alfonso Ang, and Suzette Glasner 

  12. Cannabis Use in PregnancyLauren Micalizzi, Dayna Price, and Rachel L. Gunn

  13. An Exploratory Factor Analysis of the Protective Behavioral Strategies for Marijuana ScaleMaha N. Mian, Brianna R. Altman, Luna F. Ueno, and Mitch Earleywine

  14. Dispositional Mindfulness Profiles and Cannabis Use among College StudentsJenny D. Earnest, Hannah Carlon, and Margo C. Hurlocker

  15. Partner Incarceration and Maternal Substance Use: Investigating the Mediating Effects of Social Support and Neighborhood Cohesion Megan E. Marziali, Seth J. Prins, and Silvia S. Martins 

  16. Leveraging Mobile Technology: A Systematic Review of mHealth Interventions with Cannabis Users Claire Sharp, Lani Blanchard, Jenn Barnett, and Michael Phillips 

  17. Negative Affect Regulation and Marijuana Use in College Students: Evaluating the Mediating Roles of Coping and Sleep Motives Nicholas R. Livingston, Eleftherios Hetelekides, Adrian J. Bravo, and Alison Looby

  18. Validation of the Marijuana Purchase Task Among Adolescent Marijuana Users Nicole R. Schultz, Elizabeth R. Aston, Jane Metrik, and Jason J. Ramirez

  19. Probability and Predictors of Cannabis Use Disorder Among Cannabis Users with Depressive DisordersOfir Livne, Deborah Hasin, and Silvia S. Martins

  20. Sleep-Related Cannabis Expectancies Questionnaire (SR-CEQ): Replication and Psychometric Validation among College Students using Cannabis for Sleep AidAubriana A. Schwarz, Patricia A. Goodhines, Amelia V. Wedel, Lisa R. LaRowe, and Aesoon Park

  21. Early Cannabis Initiation is Associated with Dual Simultaneous Substance Use and Tri-UsePriscila Dib Goncalves, Megan E. Marziali, João Mauricio Castaldelli-Maia, and Silvia S. Martins

  22. Military Sexual Violence and Cannabis Use Disorder among OEF/OIF VeteransReagan E. Fitzke, Daniel S. Lee, Denise D. Tran, Jordan P. Davis, and Eric R. Pedersen

  23. Exploring Sensation-Seeking and First Cannabis Use Experiences as Correlates of Current Cannabis Use Problems in Young Adult Cannabis and Tobacco Co-Users Riley J. Wyatt, Amy M. Cohn, and Sarah J. Ehlke

  24. Unexpected Public Health Emergencies — A Descriptive Analysis of Trends in the Massachusetts Medical and Adult-use Cannabis MarketsSamantha M. Doonan, Olivia Laramie, Jessica Liu, Marianne Sarkis, and Julie K. Johnson

  25. Patterns of Marijuana Use and Sexual Violence among Sexual Minority High School Students: Perspectives from the California Healthy Kids Survey – Grisel Garcia-Ramirez and Sabrina Islam

  26. Legalization of “Smokable” Medical Marijuana was Associated with Significantly Increased THC Use Per Certified Patient in the Florida Medical Marijuana Program: An Interrupted Time Series AnalysisSebastian Jugl, Ruba Sajdeya, Melanie Buhlmann, Robert L. Cook, Joshua D. Brown, Almut G. Winterstein, and Amie Goodin

  27. Exploring Social Support as a Moderator between Adverse Childhood Experiences and Cannabis UseSterling M. Hubbard, Shelby A. King, Sarah N. Elder, Matthew J. Woodward, and Jenni B. Teeters

  28. Driving Under the Influence of Cannabis: Associations with Latent Profiles of Substance Use and Executive Cognitive FunctioningTammy Chung, Marc Steinberg, Mary Bridgeman, and YingYing Chen

  29. Frequency of Cannabis Use and Pain Intensity: Results from a National SampleVerlin Joseph, Brenda W. Dyal, Tasha Schoppee, Keesha Roach, Miriam O. Ezenwa, Yingwei Yao, Diana J. Wilkie

  1. The Effects Tailored Interventions on Cannabis Use Motives – Alejandra Contreras, Bonnie Leadbeater, and Sybil Goulet-Stock

  2. Associations of Cannabis Use Motives and Cannabis Demand in Young Adults – Michelle Castro, Ricarda Pritschmann, Meredith Berry, Richard Yi, and Ali Yurasek

  3. Just Say No: The Relationship between Conformity Motives, Refusal Self-Efficacy, and Cannabis-Related Consequences – Alyssa Rice, Gabrielle Longo, Faith Shank, and Clayton Neighbors

  4. Elucidating the Nature of the Links Between Cannabis Use and Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder – Amanda Steuber and Carrie Cuttler

  5. Solitary Cannabis Use during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Associations with Affect, Social Factors, and Pandemic-Related Stress – Ameila V. Wedel and Aesoon Park

  6. Marijuana, Social Isolation, and Loneliness Among Older Adults: Results from the 2018 Health and Retirement Study – Jie Yang and Andrew Yockey

  7. Assessment of Impaired Control Over Cannabis Consumption: Psychometric Properties of the Impaired Control Scale-Cannabis (ICS-C)  – Korina Kaye Taguba, Matthew T. Keough, Adrian J. Bravo, and Jeffrey D. Wardell

  8. Unplanned vs. Planned Simultaneous Alcohol and Cannabis Use in Daily Life: What are the Motives, Contexts, and Outcomes? – Angela K. Stevens, Rachel L. Gunn, Holly K. Boyle, Helene R. White, and Kristina M. Jackson

  9. Differences in Marijuana Use, Consequences, and Motives based on Young Adults’ Interest in Reducing their Marijuana Use or Consequences: May 2021 Data from a High-risk Community Sample – Anne M. Fairlie, Christine M. Lee, and Mary E. Larimer

  10. Mobile App Detection of THC-Related Cognitive Impairment in Heavy Users – Ari P. Kirshenbaum, Chris Lewis, Andy Kaplan, and Jevan Fox

  11. Anecdotes Ushered in Marijuana Legalization: A Machine Learning-aided Big Data Analysis of Reddit Discourse (2008-2019) – Babak Hemmatian, Aryan Srivstava, Nathaniel Goodman, Jonathan Lee, Carsten Eickhoff, and Steven A. Sloman

  12. Initial Validation of a Brief Assessment of Cannabis Demand among Young Adult College Students – Benjamin L. Berey, Elizabeth R. Aston, Ricarda K. Pritschmann, Cara M. Murphy, and Ali M. Yurasek

  13. Development and Initial Validation of Marijuana Identity Implicit Associations Tests among Late Adolescents in Washington State – Jason J. Ramirez, Christine M. Lee, Elliot C. Wallace, and Kristen P. Lindgren

  14. Cannabis Vapour Exposure Alters Neural Circuit Oscillatory Activity In A Neurodevelopmental Model Of Schizophrenia: Exploring The Differential Impact Of Cannabis Constituents – Bryan W. Jenkins, Soshana Buckhalter, Melissa L. Perreault, and Jibran Y. Khokhar

  15. Prevalence and Correlates of Cannabis Use and Co-use in Cigarette Smokers and Non-Smokers: An Emergency Department Study – Carol B. Cunradi, Raul Caetano, William Ponicki, and Harrison Alter

  16. A Contingency Management Feasibility Study of Cannabis Use in Persons with HIV (PWH) – Chukwuemeka N Okafor,  Steve Shoptaw, and Joy Schmitz

  17. Reasons for Individual and Concurrent Use of Vaped Nicotine and Cannabis: Their Similarities, Differences, and Association with Product Use – Danielle M. Smith, Lynn Kozlowski, Richard J. O'Connor, Andrew Hyland, Maciej Goniewicz, and R. Lorraine Collins

  18. Associations between Use Patterns for Inhaled Nicotine and Cannabis Products among Adults Who Vape Both Substances – Danielle M. Smith, Lynn Kozlowski, Richard J. O'Connor, Andrew Hyland, Maciej Goniewicz, and R. Lorraine Collins

  19. The Relationship Between Anxiety Status and Cannabis Use among OEF/OIF Veterans: Somatization as a Moderator – Denise D. Tran, Jennifer Wang, Reagan E. Fitzke, Jordan P. Davis, and Eric R. Pedersen

  20. Self-Determination Theory Correlates of Cannabis-Related Outcomes among a Large, Multi-Site Sample of College Students – Dylan K. Richards, Jude G. Chavez, Matthew R. Pearson, Craig A. Field, and Addiction Research Team

  21. Early Birds and Night Owls: Distinguishing Profiles of Cannabis Use Habits by Use Times with Latent Class Analysis – Eleftherios Hetelekides, Verlin Joseph, Adrian J. Bravo, Mark A. Prince, Bradley T. Conner, and Matthew R. Pearson

  22. Cannabis Demand and Use among Veterans: A Prospective Examination – Elizabeth R. Aston, Lidia Z. Meshesha, Angela K. Stevens, Brian Borsari, and Jane Metrik

  23. The Relationship between Mental Health Symptoms and Marijuana Consequences Mediated by Coping Motives for Marijuana Use – Elliot C. Wallace, Tessa Frohe, and Jason J. Ramirez

  24. Health Warnings on Cannabis Dispensary Websites – Gabrielle Longo, Frida de Luna, and Mahnoor Ahmad

  25. Trends in Cannabis Use among US Adults amid the COVID-19 Pandemic – Savannah G. Brenneke, Courtney D. Nordeck, Kira E. Riehm, Ian Schmid, Kayla N. Tormohlen, Emily J. Smail, Renee M. Johnson, Luther G. Kalb, Elizabeth A. Stuart, and Johannes Thrul 

  26. Parental Rejection, Cannabis Craving, and Alcohol Craving among Sexual Minority Youth – Jamie E. Parnes, Ethan H. Mereish, Samuel N. Meisel, Hayley Treloar Padovano, and Robert Miranda, Jr.

  27. Increasing Cannabis Arrests Alter Perceptions of Penalties but not Use – Maha N. Mian, M. Vogel, Brianna R. Altman, Luna F. Ueno, and Mitch Earleywine

  28. Distress Tolerance and Hazardous Cannabis Use: Does the Form of Cannabis Matter? – Melissa Sotelo and Anita Cservenka

  29. Israel: The Land of Milk, Honey and Cannabis – Stacy Shoshan, Iris Levy, and Paola Rosca

  30. Marijuana Use Among Persons Living with Chronic Pain: A Qualitative Study – Verlin Joseph, Deepthi Varma, Xinguang Chen, Roger B. Fillingim, Diana J. Wilkie, and Robert Cook

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