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RSMj – Research Society on Marijuana

The Research Society on Marijuana (RSMj) is a network of scientists with the shared goal of promoting understanding through empirical research of the determinants, correlates, consequences, contexts, and assessment of marijuana use as well as the treatment of problematic marijuana use, including cannabis use disorder.

About RSMj

As a multidisciplinary society, our members represent a variety of perspectives, spanning biomedical, psychosocial, clinical, and socioeconomic approaches and conduct basic, translational, and applied research. We strive to be a society driven by the evidence base addressing all aspects of marijuana use, including the therapeutic applications of marijuana-based compounds and products; recreational marijuana use; and marijuana misuse and addiction.


The Research Society on Marijuana is currently a member of the Association of Cannabis Research Centers (ACRC).

RSMj Guiding Principles

1.  We are first and foremost a research society. Thus, we are guided by research in the marijuana field, not by any personal or political agenda.

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